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Dogs Welcome in Captivating Carmel-by-the-Sea

Dogs Welcome in Captivating Carmel-by-the-Sea

You will be pleasantly amazed by the number of hotels, inns and restaurants that love our fuzzy faced friends as much as we love them. This list provides some of the best pet experiences this side of Paris.
Not only can your pets stay with you in many of the hotels and inns Carmel has to offer but your fur babies can dine with you inside some of the restaurants like Terry's at the Cypress Inn or the one at the Highlands Inn.

The girls in Carmel

Terry's-This is the restaurant and patio at the Cypress Inn where all the action takes place. The restaurant and patio get very crowded so it's a good idea to make reservations. The vine covered garden patio stays warm and cozy even on cold nights with heaters and a roaring fireplace.
Carmel Beach is a truly iconic beach with majestic scenery flanking its fine white sand beach. Here dogs can run freely off-leash as long they are under the voice command of their owners. The dogs provide all the entertainment possible throughout the day.
Diggidy Dog-When you walk up to the front door of this dog utopia, you find a potty area, bags and water bowls to greet you. Lots of sniffing takes place outside but wait until you get in the door. Barrels of treats line the floor and walls. If you can get your dog pass the treats, you will find a vast selection of unique, quality clothing, leashes, harnesses, beds and playthings. During the fall they carry the best selection of Halloween costumes! See the girls in their cute wool cable knit sweaters with little wooden buttons.
Casanova Restaurant-The friendly, warm style of Casanova extends to dogs on a private heated patio. If you check in at the front, they will lead you to a table around the back where you will find many people dining with their dogs. They happily provide water and treats along with a great complimentary appetizer for the people to start. The savory food comes in pretty large portions and there is rarely room for the homemade desserts.
Ajne Organic Perfumes-This incredible scent and skin care shop uses organic botanicals from their farm to create fragrance and skin care for people and dogs. The shop fills your senses with beautiful bouquets and your dogs tummy with treats. The organic products for people transform your skin with hand blended ingredients custom designed for you on the spot. The dog scents impart beautiful smells and have mood inhancing effects.
Grasing’s-I cannot stay in Camel without going to Grasing’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner with my dogs. From the crab Benedict to the smoked salmon platter and everything else, you cannot afford to miss this scrumptious start to the day. Dinner fares equally as delightful so be sure to reserve a heated patio spot for you and your pooches.
Carmel Plaza-With 40 or so elegant and chic stores, beautiful gardens and casual restaurants, it’s a great place to shop, eat and wander with the dogs. Most stores have water and treats for the dogs and a welcome attitude.

Most, but not all of Carmel loves dogs and you will see many dogs everywhere. Be sure to check with restaurants though because several cannot accommodate pets. It’s an extremely dog oriented place to relax and be with your furry friends.


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