How to Travel Anywhere with Ease

Traveling with ease conjures up visions of a smooth journey from start to finish. That's the goal of Many More Travels. While some elements of your travel remain out of anyone's control, traveling with ease means anticipating every possible glitch. After 30 years of personal travel and more that is 20 years in the travel industry, you learn a few things. My methods for traveling with ease give you the best chance of having an amazing journey. With Many More Travels advisory services you get all the advice, help and resources and none of the hassles. Best of all, it's complimentary to you and there are never additional fees. To get you started on your journey, here are just some of my methods for perfecting the ease of travel:

  1. Start planning early to get what you want at the best prices
  2. Write down everything you want to do on your trip
  3. Set a preferred date and budget with some flexibility
  4. Schedule your complimentary consultation
  5. While this may seem obvious; always give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport.
  6. Have your place in order long before you leave: mail, newspapers, animals, plants, etc.
  7. Travel on Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and early Thursday to avoid the crush of business travelers.
  8. Never take the first flight out because it has huge potential to be delayed due to pilots and flight crews arriving late for the flight.
  9. Use your GPS on the way to the airport for up-to-the-minute traffic and possible alternative routes even though you probably don't need directions.
  10. Apply for TSA pre-check clearance or better yet, Global Entry and avoid the general line security lines.
  11. Get a credit card that gives you benefits like free baggage check, priority boarding and entry to airline lounges. My favorite is Amex Platinum.
  12. Choose your airline wisely. The cheapest ticket may not provide the best value if they charge for every amenity.
  13. Check on what aircraft a flight uses and if it has the amenities you want on your flight. You can even check menus and movies online.
  14. Many credit cards offer preferred status at car rental companies like Hertz which allow you to avoid the line-up and have your vehicle ready and waiting.
  15. Pay attention to landing times when you make reservations to avoid landing during peak traffic hours.
  16. Carry cash for tolls or better yet, ask for a toll device from the car rental company to automatically breeze through the toll booths.
  17. Take the scenic route! You might see some cool stuff!
  18. Never take the last flight home because the delays stack up for the day and many a last flight becomes the first flight out the next day.


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