Why Participate in a Culinary or Wine Cruise

  • Energize your brand with an exciting adventure on a luxury cruise to a fascinating location.
  • Create brand loyalty so your fans stay engaged with you.
  • Connect more intimately with your fans on an incredible journey that they will talk about for years to come attracting their friends and colleagues to your brand.
  • Increase the lifetime value of your fans by giving them an amazing travel experience and bonding with them over a great adventure.
  • Attract more fans through promotion of the cruise on your website, social media and through other audiences
  • People on the cruise will Facebook, Instagram and Tweet about their trip while onboard (we encourage it) and that will attract more people to your brand.
  • Our chefs, vintners and partners get to travel on the cruise for free (minimum number of staterooms required and varies by cruise line)
  • Get countless onboard amenities for your guests
  • Many cooking, culinary and wine educational opportunities for your guests and depending on the cruise line and group size, sometimes includes the entire ship
  • Be the host on the entire ship on many cruises
  • Special pricing for your guests
  • Special on board and shore amenities for you and your guests
  • Onboard credits for spa, shopping, etc.

Some of the above varies with each cruise line but my cruise partners are quite generous with guest benefits.

We Are Different

  • Our hosts are highly recognized winemakers, winery owners, culinary experts and chefs.
  • We partner with renowned food and wine experts who immerse the cruise guests into the regional cuisine, wine and culture.
  • Most, if not all of our cruise partners create custom designed shore excursions that provide unique in country experiences of local markets, restaurants, wineries and private access to guests.
  • All of the shore excursions focus on food, wine, culture or other unique characteristics of the port location.
  • We have strong negotiating power to get the best rewards for you and your guests
  • Member of the Virtuoso Network of the most prestigious, and the world’s best luxury travel experts with access to unparalleled amenities on cruises, at hotels and with premier tour companies.

Why Guests Prefer Wine and Chef Cruises

  • They love to join high profile chefs and vintners onboard one of our exclusive cruise adventures and become immersed in a world of engaging cooking classes. Demonstrations, seminars, personalized wine/food pairing lunches, receptions and dinners.
  • Our river and ocean cruises journey to some of the most renowned food and wine regions in the world and provide expertly-curated on board and in port events.
  • People are attracted to fascinating destinations like Croatia, Portugal, Bordeaux, the Rhine, the Douro, South Pacific, South East Asia and other unique destinations.
  • The cruises offer luxury staterooms, ultimate spa experiences, unparalleled gourmet food all in an intimate setting with other culinary and wine enthusiasts.

  • One-of-a-kind experiences onboard and on shore with exclusive excursions and private access to celebrated wineries, restaurants, wine caves, markets and kitchens.
  • An endless array of complimentary onboard services with highly skilled and attentive staff.
  • Cruise guests savor the amazing education and advice they get from expert chefs and vintners.
  • They love the intimacy and access to high profile personalities and brands on our smaller ships.
  • They have the time of their lives with many memories to share with their friends and loved ones as they Facebook, Instagram and Tweet about their experience.