We are very excited to welcome acclaimed international Chef Barbara Alexander as culinary director of Rare Journeys. Chef B will help create extraordinary food and wine programs offering a chance to experience Napa Valley's private dining, vineyards, wineries and caves cloistered behind locked gates and doors.

Chef Barbara Alexander is a professional chef and culinary explorer ready to lead enthusiastic foodies on trips around the globe seeking the best educational culinary experiences, eats, chefs, and secret hidden spots in locations you have always dreamed of.

For 30+ years Chef B has worked as a professional executive chef, running pedigree hotel kitchens & Michelin level restaurants in Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia and as a culinary educator with The Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver Canada, The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Napa Valley and a 16 year stint as Culinary Director at the lauded Napa Valley Cooking School. Currently, Chef B is a consultant for the Culinary Institute of America. Chef Barbara holds degrees in English Literature and Journalism, Certified Executive Chef , CEC and Certified Hospitality Educator, CHE from the ACF.

An avid traveler, Barbara is always seeking out the unusual, understanding that her clients are looking for a bespoke trip beyond the ordinary.Her specialty is guiding the uninitiated on serendipitous excursions of culinary delights, incorporating education and a sense of cultural place.

Chef B brings a humorous synergy of education, knowledge and experience to the table, peppered with stories of the professional kitchen, travel and an appreciation for an enriching cultural experience.